Mobile Medicine via iPod/iPhone/iPad Apps

NatureVideoChannel — March 31, 2010 — "You might not realize it, but with an iPhone, you also have a stethoscope and a CPR trainer within reach. These are just a few of the more than 2,000 medical applications available on the iPhone, and here we've rounded up ten for you to check out. Whether you're a researcher, doctor, or patient, get ready for your medicine to go mobile."

Smartphones and portable devices for medical education

I use an iPhone Touch to listen to lectures and watch presentations (PDF and video). Amazon Kindle works for the same purpose (PDF only, no video).

However, the external speaker of the iPhone Touch leaves much to be desired in terms of sound quality and volume, and recently, I started downloading the lectures directly to my cell phone (HTC Touch Pro2). The HTC Touch Pro interface is not as polished as the one on the iPod Touch but the device itself is not tied to iTunes and I can easily download audio files from the mobile sites of Google Reader, Bloglines and Google Docs.

Comments from Twitter:

@DrVes: Why are some doctors and nurses giving back their iPads? - Easy: iPad works great for pt education, NOT for data entry. Only 10% of doctors currently use an iPad at work - I use iPad daily to discuss these diagrams:

iPad is a great teaching tool @CraigCCRNCEN was able to explain to Vietnamese family AFib and clots by showing them animation from YouTube.

Brian S. McGowan PhD @BrianSMcGowan: so is the best option for docs still a touch screen laptop? teach w/ touch screen, work w/ full keyboard? #hcsm

@DrVes: iPad works well for discussing DDx, Tx options with pts. Much more portable than laptop. Full-keyboard COWs best for typing.

Jeff Bray @jeffkbray: I have been scanning all my medical reference books and store them on my iPad for quick use and no weight - great tool and mobile


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