Occupation may be a key factor in lung cancer

While cigarettes are by far the most important cause of lung cancer, chemicals and other on-the-job hazards "play a remarkable role" in lung cancer risk.

5% of lung cancers in men are job-related. Men in the known to be risky occupations were 74% more likely to have been diagnosed with lung cancer.

The strongest associations were seen for ceramic and pottery jobs and brick manufacturing, as well as for those working in manufacturing of non-iron metals.

A CXR shows a right upper lobe (RUL) mass due to lung cancer. Source: Finger Clubbing due to Lung Cancer. Clinical Cases and Images.

Occupation a key factor in men's lung cancer risk. Reuters, 2010.

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  1. Quote: non-iron metals
    Answer: Every metal BUT iron ? Iron is KNOWN to be a PRIME oxidizer if not the BEST oxidizer. One might wonder WHY iron doesn't seem to cause these problems when they have shown iron in the lung to be VERY bad. Logic tells us the findings of this study are to be reviewed .. closely.
    Imho ..