Being obese at age 40 reduces life expectancy by 7 years for women and 6 years for men

In Scotland 68.5% of men, 61.8% of women, 36.1% of boys, and 26.9% of girls are classified as overweight or obese.

Being obese at age 40 reduces life expectancy by 7.1 years for women and 5.8 years for men.

The article summarises the most recent recommendations from the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) on the management of obesity.

Management of obesity: summary of SIGN guideline. Logue et al. 340: c154. BMJ, 2010.

Comments from Google Buzz:

Luke Rosenberger - thanks! looks like original source of the life expectancy data (according to footnote) is actually a 2003 article from annals of internal medicine -

Ves Dimov, M.D. - Looks correct. That's why I always say that we need a medical librarian on board... :)

For Google Buzz and Twitter, I typically link to the source where the text appeared when I first saw it. It's very nice to trace it back to the original source however. Thank you so much.

Luke Rosenberger - makes sense to me. you know us librarians, always reading the footnotes first ;-)

Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

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