Ed Goljan, M.D., professor of pathology and top notch arm wrestler

Goljan, professor and chairman of pathology, says that as the smallest kid in his class “I got picked on and so I started exercising.” It worked. By age 11, he was able to pin his dad in arm wrestling. Now 61, he’s still a contender.

Goljan likes to say that his arm wrestling is “just a ‘Y’ chromosome thing.” It’s a sport where size doesn’t mean much, he says. “When I weighed 175 pounds, I defeated a 275-pound super heavy weight.” In high school, college and medical school he arm wrestled (with either arm, it didn’t matter) and won.

CenterNet | Rounds. Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences.



  1. I heart Goljan. He explains things in ways no one else does!

  2. In many ways, Goljan is one of the most important medical educators in the United States. Each year, thousands of med students use his books and tapes to help them make sense of the step 1 boards. His ability to simplify difficult concepts as well as to transform the mountain of information into a more manageable molehill has touched the lives of thousands of terrified second years throughout the years, including mine. His teaching combines concise and easy-to-understand explanations with entertaining jokes and personal stories, instilling confidence in even the most self-conscious med student. In is way, he has influenced nearly a generation of young doctors.