Robot Doctors - Neurologist stays in Chicago but sees patients across the globe

From NBC Chicago:

Neurologist John Wapham lives in downtown Chicago, but he can see patients anywhere in the world ... from his apartment. And he does. He's an expert in treating strokes, and with the help of a robot and a broadband connection, he's able to be at a patient's bedside instantly.

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"This brings specialists to to the remotest parts of the country, and the world. I've popped open my laptop on Michigan avenue and treated patients in another state, " he says. And in the not too distant future, these robot doctors could be on the battlefield, or at the scene of a horrible car accident: instantly.

Some critics fear that telemedicine may not be accurate enough. For example, the accuracy of teledermatology was inferior to real-life clinic dermatology for melanoma diagnosis in a recent study:

Robot Doctors: Future of Medicine? NBC Chicago.

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