10 risk factors are associated with 90% of the risk of stroke

The Lancet reported that in 3000 patients with stroke (78%, with ischaemic stroke; 22%, with intracerebral haemorrhagic stroke) and 3000 controls, significant risk factors for all types of stroke were:

- history of hypertension (OR 2·64)
- current smoking (2·09)
- waist-to-hip ratio (1·65)
- diet risk score (1·35)
- regular physical activity (0·69)
- diabetes mellitus (1·36)
- alcohol intake (1·51)
- psychosocial stress (1·30)
- depression (1·35)
- cardiac causes (2·38)
- ratio of apolipoproteins B to A1 (1·89)

Collectively, these risk factors accounted for 88·1% of the PAR for all strokes. When an alternate definition of hypertension was used (history of hypertension or blood pressure higher than 160/90 mm Hg), the combined PAR was 90·3% (85·3—93·7) for all stroke.

These risk factors were all significant for ischaemic stroke, whereas hypertension, smoking, waist-to-hip ratio, diet, and alcohol intake were significant risk factors for intracerebral haemorrhagic stroke.

Ten risk factors are associated with 90% of the risk of stroke. Targeted interventions that reduce blood pressure and smoking, and promote physical activity and a healthy diet, could substantially reduce the burden of stroke.

Stroke Risk Calculator http://goo.gl/elmc
Image source: BP device used for measuring arterial pressure. Wikipedia, GNU Free Documentation License.

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