Baby carrots: 'Eat 'em like junk food'

The satirical $25 million ad campaign is launched by a new alliance of carrot growers - “a bunch of carrot farmers” - and is designed to reposition baby carrots as snacks with sass.

Timeline of the evolution of the baby carrot

Around 2,000 years ago: Carrots are first grown in what is now Afghanistan.

1700: The Dutch cultivate orange carrots. Before then, carrots were often purple or yellow.

1986: A California carrot grower invents the baby carrot to avoid throwing out some of the broken and misshaped carrots taken from the packing line.

A baby carrot is an immature carrot. A baby "cut" carrot is different - known popularly thanks to effective marketing also as a "baby carrot"- this is a mature carrot that has been cut and peeled in the "baby-cut" style.

See the rest of the ad campaign videos on YouTube.

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