Free Medical Education Resources by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

Head, Neck and Oral Cancer Examination

This 40-minute video is intended for practitioners of dentistry, medicine, nursing and public health who are responsible for diagnosing and referring patients with head and neck and oral cancer.

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Simulation (U/SS) Case Scenario Package

This resource consisit of a modular package containing 5 high-fidelity full-body simulation case scenarios with supplemental bedside Emergency Department Ultrasound videos (de-identified) to assist in EM decision-making training.

Disclosing Medical Errors To Patients

This is a standardized patient case, which has been used to assess the communication skills of radiology residents when disclosing a medical error to a patient. The case content can be modified for use in other specialties. The checklist for the standardized patient and the self-evaluation checklist for the resident can be used without modification by all residencies.

Introduction to Effective Communication Skills

This PowerPoint with audio program covers the relevance and basic concepts of communication and interpersonal skills as they apply to general dentistry.

The Study Skills Workshop

The Study Skills Workshop was introduced to guide and promote 1st year Medical Students towards effective ways of learning in medicine. It is hoped that through the workshop the students are able to identify their individual learning styles and approaches. Thus they can find out self-improvement strategies to enhance their learning in medicine.

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