Tom Jones at 70: "I will sing as long as I possibly can. My enemy is time"

He's sold over 150 million records, but Sir Tom Jones has confessed that he dreads the day that he can no longer sing.

The 70-year-old veteran -- whose latest album 'Praise and Blame' is a meditative collection of gospel and blues songs dealing with spirituality and mortality -- was speaking to CBS News when he revealed his fear.

"I dread the day. Time is my enemy. Time will catch up with me vocally. And I dread that,' he said. "I dread to think about life without singing because I can express myself, it's a great release, it's a wonderful feeling to get on stage and pour all this stuff out and for people to go, 'Yeah!'''

From the comments on the YouTube video:

catcando75: I grew up listening to this man who belted out a song like no other & always did it in skin tight pants! His voice was clear & crisp yet deep & raspy. When you watched him you knew he loved every note because he wore it like a banner on his face. He pushed tv limits without a pause, his charisma was strong. This is a man so in love with music he knows no boundaries...

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  1. A true musician. I thought before that his songs were already too old for me but honestly, they're not. His songs are very soulful, and encompasses not just a single genre but whatever his voice can reach. A true living legend, this man.