Excessive Internet use may be linked to depression

Excessive Internet use may be linked to depression. Spend a day offline and connect with friends and family.

Twitter comment by @MiriamETucker: But they're all online!

Your Internet use could be telling you something about your mental health. If you keep up with friends via Facebook or spend more time chatting online with strangers than with family, it might be time to disconnect the computer for awhile — and check in with yourself.

The researchers analyzed internet use and depression levels of 1,319 Britons aged between 16 and 51. An online questionnaire was used to measure participants' Internet use, the functions for which they used the Internet, and their depressive tendencies. Of these, 1.2 percent were "internet addicted."

"Excessive internet use is associated with depression, but what we don't know is which comes first -- are depressed people drawn to the internet or does the internet cause depression?"

Using the Web to replace your usual social circle could be a red flag. Instead of spending hours on message boards, pick up the phone and call someone.

Twitter comments:

@BiteTheDust (Robbo) re: internet and depression.... if you skype someone is that using the phone or using the internet? just asking :)

@amacdt Especially if you use video skype - it's a tough one. I find that I really enjoy talking to people with video

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