iPad use by medical residents gets rave reviews, increases productivity

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The Internal Medicine Residents at the University of Chicago Medical Center are now equipped with iPads as their primary device for clinical use.

In the summer of 2010, the Internal Medicine Residency (IMR) program began piloting a project to study the use of iPads on the inpatient wards. Initiated by the Chairman's Office, the project was intended to enhance efficiency of patient care activities on the wards with the goals of improved patient care and more robust conference attendance.

The pilot was overwhelmingly positive and has led to broader use of the devices for all IMR residents. The DOM Internal Medicine Residency program is the first training program in the country to utilize the device.

As an Assistant Professor at University of Chicago, I work with the residents on a daily basis and I can confirm that they love their iPads.


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Comments from Twitter:

@DrVes: Why are some doctors and nurses giving back their iPads? http://j.mp/Hq15aD - Easy: iPad works great for pt education, NOT for data entry. Only 10% of doctors currently use an iPad at work http://j.mp/Hq15aD - I use iPad daily to discuss these diagrams: http://j.mp/Hq1k5v

iPad is a great teaching tool @CraigCCRNCEN was able to explain to Vietnamese family AFib and clots by showing them animation from YouTube.

Brian S. McGowan PhD @BrianSMcGowan: so is the best option for docs still a touch screen laptop? teach w/ touch screen, work w/ full keyboard? #hcsm

@DrVes: iPad works well for discussing DDx, Tx options with pts. Much more portable than laptop. Full-keyboard COWs best for typing.

Jeff Bray @jeffkbray: I have been scanning all my medical reference books and store them on my iPad for quick use and no weight - great tool and mobile


  1. Has the study been published? how did the residents use them to increase efficiency?

  2. All the info is in the embedded video. It is too early for the study to be published yet.