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Internet cool tools for physicians By Melissa L. Rethlefsen, David L. Rothman, Daniel Stéphane Mojon:

Some Blogs We Like: "Clinical Cases and Images – Blog (http:// – This consistently interesting blog written by Dr. Ves Dimov features case histories, medical news, images, and useful practical technology tips."

Healthcare and the Effect of Technology: Developments, Challenges. Stefane M. Kabene - 2010:

"Giustini (2007) provided a summary of useful Web 2.0 applications in medicine (eg, Ves Dimov's Clinical Cases and Images Blog; Ask Dr. Wiki; Ganfyd."

New Directions in Intelligent Interactive Multimedia - Page 517 George A. Tsihrintzis, Maria Virvou, Robert J. Howlett - 2008.

Computational Intelligence in Healthcare 4: Advanced Methodologies - Page 319 Isabelle Bichindaritz, Lakhmi C. Jain, Sachin Vaidya - 2010.

Medical librarian 2.0: use of Web 2.0 technologies in reference. M. Sandra Wood - 2007.

Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies - Page 76 Jan Zimmerman, Doug Shalin.

Ubiquitous Health and Medical Informatics: The Ubiquity 2.0 Trend and Beyond. Sabah Mohammed, Jinan Fiaidhi - 2010.

The Hospitalist Manual - Page 308 - Manish Mehta, Arun Thomas Mathews - 2009.

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