17% of U.S. hospitals now provide virtual colonoscopy

Medicare does not currently reimburse routine screening with virtual colonoscopy, but it does cover evaluations with "regular" colonoscopy.


Virtual Colonoscopy Gains in Popularity. Is It Right for You? TIME.
Colonoscopy Developer Dies at 94 - NYTimes http://goo.gl/iBnOp - Dr. Wolff was unconventional and surely made headlines in his day.
When President Obama underwent his first-ever colon cancer screening last year, he chose virtual colonoscopy. USA Today.
Cleveland Clinic Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Tool. Get your score in 2 minutes (free).

Comments from Twitter:

@DrSilge (Robert Silge, MD): What are your thoughts? Inability to biopsy, extra radiation... I don't see benefit. W/ fam hist of Colon ca, I won't be signing up.

@DrVes: Correct, "physical" colonoscopy is the procedure of choice rather than the virtual one. In any case, the preparation is the toughest part and is the same for both procedures.

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