How To: Keep Your Family On-Board for Your Blogging Journey

Some tips from ProBlogger:

- Create Healthy Boundaries. For example, I have established a “no computer time” rule for myself where I don’t use the laptop (or my smart phone) between the time I get home from work and when we get the kids to bed. By setting up this boundary, I free my time and my mind to enjoy my children, play outside or help my wife out with dinner each evening.

- Communicate Your Reasons for Blogging. Why are you investing all this time and effort into blogging anyway? Take the time to tell your loved ones why your blog is important to you and how you see it as a benefit for your family.

- Sacrifice Personal Time, Not Family Time

- Seek Their Input

7 Tips to Keep Your Family On-Board for Your Blogging Journey. ProBlogger.
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  1. You're right. Families and friends often don't understand us bloggers (unless of course they also are bloggers). I write multiple blogs-- one for work, one for fun, one for my business, and one as a volunteer. My blogging time is usually 6 a.m.-- when no one else is around except the dogs, and even they get bored with my blogging.