Video: "You Can Never Trust Doctors"

Video: "You can never Trust Doctors", linked by one of my Facebook friends.

I'm sure some patients and doctors will not find this Eurosport commercial funny, and they probably have a point. Humor may be difficult to explain and interpret. Some social media "experts" even advise doctors not to use humor on Twitter, Facebook and blogs for fear of misinterpretation and legal repercussions.

However, humor is what makes us human. It can also help with the healing process and provide some relief at a time when you need it the most. Don't be afraid to use it appropriately and as needed, PRN. The commercial above may not provide the best example for that particular purpose but I think you get the point.

Comments from Twitter:

@scanman: Ha!! I do this ALL THE TIME!!!


  1. I just finished online training to guard against harassment in the workplace. It encouraged me to "think twice before making a joke (any joke)," and remember that no harm can come from saying nothing at all.

    Laughter at work helps make my days great so I hope my colleagues don't take this advice too closely to heart!

  2. How unprofessional... ;-)