Adult stem cell infusion to treat MS - collaboration trial between Cleveland Clinic and Case

Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center and Case Western Reserve University are collaborating on a clinical trial designed to treat the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis by using a patient's own adult stem cells.

Mesenchymal stem cells, or MSCs, are found in the bone marrow. More than 150 clinical trials are currently testing MSCs' ability to encourage tissue repair as a way to treat a variety of conditions such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, emphysema and stroke.

In this trial, a patient's MSCs are harvested at Case's University Hospital, cultivated in a special laboratory and then injected intravenously back into the patient at the Cleveland Clinic.

See the two videos below that describe the project - the first is from the Cleveland Clinic and shows one of the patients, the second is from Case and focuses on the researchers:

Multiple Sclerosis Overview - Mayo Clinic YouTube


Clinical trials using adult stem cells to treat MS. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody ocrelizumab helps patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) (Lancet, 2011).


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