Can a Happy Relationship Predict a Happy Life? Apparently, Yes

The association between overall life satisfaction (LS) and relationship satisfaction (RS) was investigated longitudinally among 67,000 mothers in Norway.

Data were collected twice during pregnancy, and at 6 and 36 months postpartum:

- Satisfaction increased during pregnancy.

- However, relationship satisfaction decreased immediately following birth.

- Life satisfaction showed an initial increase followed by a decrease postpartum.

Relationship satisfaction predicted change in life satisfaction. Having a satisfying romantic relationship was important for retaining and increasing future life satisfaction.


Can a Happy Relationship Predict a Happy Life? A Population-Based Study of Maternal Well-Being During the Life Transition of Pregnancy, Infancy, and Toddlerhood, Journal of Happiness Studies, Volume 11, 663-793, Number 6 / December 2010.
Image source:, public domain.

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