When are you starting a Journal Club on Google Plus?

One of the BMJ blogs recently asked if Twitter Journal Club is yet another ‘revolution’ in scientific communication.

I think Twitter Journal Club is an incremental change in the way the scientists and physicians communicate. It is a good idea but limited by the medium of Twitter.

Does anybody have plans for a Journal Club on the newly-launched Google Plus? It is the fastest growing social network in history (25 million members in month) and it seems like a natural platform for that.

Arin Basu - Google + is a very natural medium for hosting journal clubs or say even grand rounds! I am more than happy to start giving it a shot!

Ves Dimov - We first tried Journal Club on Twitter in 2008 but didn't like it that much:

This 2011 version is "Twitter-only" (with a blog that provides some background) but can't go beyond the natural limitations of the medium.

Google+ seems like a better fit for a more involved discussion with a richer background. And you can actually follow the conversation...

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