European Union predicts shortfall of one million doctors and nurses by 2020

Overseas-trained doctors accounted for 37% of UK-registered doctors in 2008.

25% of practicing physicians in the United States and 28% of U.S. medical residents come from abroad. Of these, 25% were trained in India and Pakistan.

At the same time, U.S. lawmakers suggest we save money by training fewer doctors, according to the UCMC Dean editorial.

The mounting shortage of physicians nationwide is expected to grow to 90,000 by 2020.

Compare this to China where typically 3-4 newly qualified doctors will rent a flat together to defray their costs (BusinessWeek). The U.S. has one public health professional for every 635 people. The rate in China is one per 7,000.

Comments from Google Plus:

Tim Sturgill - Makes you really wonder about the EU and US physician shortcomings—what are we going to do? Medical Home? I don't see this ideal broaching physicianopenia. I'm beginning to see ED impressions that list "failure or failed primary care." Is there a trifecta coming: Physicianopenia, Medical Home, and Readmissions?

Colin Son - Wow even more than the percentage of foreign grads in the United States

Ves Dimov - The mounting shortage of U.S. physicians nationwide is expected to grow to 90,000 by 2020.


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