iPad app tests athletes for concussion - Cleveland Clinic video

An iPad app tests athletes for concussions (a Cleveland Clinic video). The players perform a series of balance, memory, vision, and reaction time experiments to obtain a baseline reading. If they receive a blow to the head during a game or practice, these tests can be redone to determine when it is safe for the athlete to return to action.


Concussion Center - Cleveland Clinic.
Cleveland Clinic Treats Concussions With iPad App. Fox News.
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE): Brain bank examines athletes' hard hits - CNN, 2012.

Comments from Twitter:

@DrVes: Why are some doctors and nurses giving back their iPads? http://j.mp/Hq15aD - Easy: iPad works great for pt education, NOT for data entry. Only 10% of doctors currently use an iPad at work http://j.mp/Hq15aD - I use iPad daily to discuss these diagrams: http://j.mp/Hq1k5v

iPad is a great teaching tool @CraigCCRNCEN was able to explain to Vietnamese family AFib and clots by showing them animation from YouTube.

Brian S. McGowan PhD @BrianSMcGowan: so is the best option for docs still a touch screen laptop? teach w/ touch screen, work w/ full keyboard? #hcsm

@DrVes: iPad works well for discussing DDx, Tx options with pts. Much more portable than laptop. Full-keyboard COWs best for typing.

Jeff Bray @jeffkbray: I have been scanning all my medical reference books and store them on my iPad for quick use and no weight - great tool and mobile

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