Dermatology Art Contest by Mayo Clinic shows that art can be seen in every aspect of life

A Mayo Clinic dermatology art contest shows beauty really is skin deep. From Mayo Clinic News blog:

A hair follicle or skin specimen that doesn’t look like much of anything to the naked eye can become a complex, colorful work of art under a microscope. The winner of the Mayo dermatologists’ first art contest in 2011 was “Hair Follicle Triplet”. Alexander Meves, M.D., used fluorescent dyes to highlight proteins. The inaugural winners of the art contest appeared in the May issue of the Journal of Cutaneous Pathology.

“Every single day, dermatopathologists get to see beautiful images under the microscope, and most people never have the opportunity to see that. So I thought it would be a nice way to show not only the science of dermatopathology, but also the art,” says the contest’s creator, Dr. Lehman, a Mayo Clinic dermatopathologist.

Dr. Lehman hopes medical societies will run with the idea and hold similar competitions to highlight aesthetics in their specialties. People in other lines of work can also celebrate the beauty of what they do each day, she says.

Editor's note: Allergists should do something similar. We already highlight beautiful pollen allergens on the monthly covers of the ACAAI journal.

“Art can be seen in every aspect of life,” Dr. Lehman says. “You just have to have an open mind and be looking for it.”


Dermatology Art Shows Beauty Really Is Skin Deep. Mayo Clinic News.

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