Healthcare social media #HCSM - top articles

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles related to healthcare social media in the past 2 weeks:

Social media “likes” healthcare: From marketing to social business. Social media and health care: opportunities and obstacles - PWC 2012 report, free download

8 Chrome Extensions that Make Blogging Easier

"News Squares" for Chrome is a new visual RSS reader

CDC Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices - Twitter guide updated in Feb 2012.

"20 Days to High-Quality, Engaged Twitter Following (in just 20 minutes a day)" - Mixed bag of advice, some good tips

There is an allergy/immunology wiki: "AI notes" - Not sure who's behind it, looks useful.

Medicine, Social Media and Clinical Excellence. Let’s do it. -- Here is one of my related blog posts: Doctors are natural communicators - social media is extension of what they do every day

Study: There is a kernel of truth to the popular term "Facebook stalking". Introducing new terms (to me) such as: cyber obsessional pursuit (COP) and obsessive relational pursuit (ORI), which are categories of cyberstalking and stalking, resulting in three factors: Covert Provocation, Public Harassment, and Venting.

How to find RSS feeds for Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, YouTube, other SoMe sites

Fake tweet stops Nashville doctor's lecture, plans for cruise

How to Create Your Own Website using Blogger - Step-by-Step Guide for Physicians

Science blogging and self-promotion?

How To Deal With Information Overload and

The articles were selected from my Twitter and Google Reader streams. Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to and you will receive acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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