Social media and medicine - Stanford University Grand Rounds

Graham Walker is one of the first medical bloggers. He went on a hiatus during his emergency medicine (EM) residency, and has now found new inspiration to blog as an EM attending at Stanford University medical center. This is his talk on social media and medicine at Stanford University Grand Rounds:

Dr. Walker: This is my talk on the dissemination of medical information over time, how the internet and social networking are changing medicine, and how to use digital tools to be a better clinician at the bedside.

Here is Graham's list of Digital Tools to Improve the Specialty:

Comments from Twitter:

Alice Ackerman, MD, @CloseToHomeMD: [You need to watch the video-Gr8 talk]


  1. Amazing how far we have come with technology. The possibilities are limitless. Great work.

  2. I remember Graham Walker starting out - his tweets were humerous and honest. Love to see him doing this now. All grown up (and clearly very good)!