Best of Medical Blogs - weekly review and blog carnival

The “Best of Medical Blogs - weekly review and blog carnival” is a weekly summary of the best posts from medical blogs. Feel free to send your suggestions to my email at Best of Medical Blogs (BMB) is published every Tuesday, just like the old Grand Rounds.

Maybe the young doctors are onto something

From the blog of the electrophysiologist, Dr. John M.: As is often the case when doctors of my generation talk about younger doctors, the issue of attitudes on work and life came to the fore. We are perplexed that young doctors focus so strongly on finding balance in life. Maybe they are onto something? Maybe they have figured out that even doctors get only one crack at life?

Sunglasses for Kids: What Parents Need to Know

The effect of the sun’s damage is cumulative; it adds up over time. Eye damage beginning during childhood can lead to the development of cataracts, skin cancer around the eyes, photokeratitis (“eye sunburn”), and damage to the retina itself. They’ve gotta wear shades! Here are some tips from Dr. Natasha Burgert

Doctors specializing in Emergency Medicine are the most active bloggers - by far

Here is Dr. Mike Cadogan @sandnsurf, the co-founder of the blog Life in the Fast Lane (LiTFL): Updated the EM bloggers list... WOW - they certainly like to write!

If this is too much for you, try Mike’s list of Top 10 clinical medicine blogs:

New allergy medications and drug affordability advice. The allergist Dr. Neil Kao does not blog every day but when he does his posts are very well-researched:

How can I treat toenail fungus? Ask Doctor K from Harvard Medical School

Dr Nick Tullo's ECG Academy - LiTFL calls it "asynchronous learning at its best"

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