Top articles in medicine in June 2012

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles in medicine in June 2012:

Fatty acids in formula don't make babies smarter - Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Electronic health records linked to worse diabetes care compared to old-fashioned paper records (study)

Being sleepy behind the wheel is almost as bad as drinking and driving (study)

Study: Older People Have Special Smell, but It's Not Unpleasant as Stereotype Implies

If we're going to think of exercise as a therapeutic intervention, like all interventions there will be adverse effects

DrotAA in Septic Shock - graph clearly shows lack of benefit from rh activated protein C, drotrecogin alfa

The Emerging Threat of Untreatable Gonococcal Infection - what to do if allergic to PCN and cephalosporins? NEJM

Gallup tracks the U.S. Mood daily, only 41% were happy on June 7, 2012

Drowning - free NEJM review of the current concepts, 2012

Intensive Enough? Intensive care units (ICUs) began in the 1950s, staffing models continue to be controversial

Men vs. Women: Whose Offices Are Germier? Study confirms suspicion: Men Are "Greater" Source of Bacteria Than Women

Residents' Response to Duty-Hour Regulations: 41% reported worsened education - NEJM

The articles were selected from my Twitter and Google Reader streams. Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to and you will receive acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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