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The “Best of Medical Blogs - weekly review and blog carnival” is a weekly summary of the best posts from medical blogs. Feel free to send your suggestions to my email at Best of Medical Blogs (BMB) is published every Tuesday, just like the old Grand Rounds.

Tips for doctors looking to engage with #HCSM: "a childlike playfulness, humility, politeness, and humour"

Dr. Ronan Kavanagh @RonanTKavanagh, a Galway based Rheumatologist, offers advice for those looking to engage better with patients in healthcare: it’s worth thinking about the power of just being nice….. Practice a childlike playfulness, humility, politeness, and humour which makes you instantly more human, likeable and accessible. Just like these rugby players :

Explanation: The ad shows three famous Irish rugby players asking house owners permission to play, and for volunteers to join them in a game of rugby on the grassy area in front of their homes.

Dr. Kavanagh is an authentic, practicing physician, and a rising social media superstar. You should follow him on Twitter @RonanTKavanagh

11 Chronic Disease Technologies to Watch

Here is the list of 11 Chronic Disease Technologies to Watch, by John W. Sharp:

Extended Care eVisits, Home Telehealth, In-Car Telehealth, Medication Adherence Tools, Mobile Asthma Management Tools, Mobile Cardiovascular Tools, Mobile Clinical Decision Support, Mobile Diabetes Management Tools, Social Media Promoting Health, Tele-Stroke Care, Virtual Visits

One Doctor’s Prescription to Avoid Social Media Overload

Mark Ryan, M.D. @RichmondDoc shares a post with the the blog of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Here is his Prescription to Avoid Social Media Overload (my comments are listed as Editor's notes)

- Stop trying to read every update (Editor's note: I read 95-99% of the Twitter updates but I only follow about 100 accounts - @RichmondDoc follows 1,500).

- Organize your incoming information in Twitter lists (Editor's note: I find Google Reader with folders more time efficient).

- Use time wisely. Glance at your stream whenever you have a few minutes (Editor's note: Don't forget your friends and family).

- Look into using a third-party Twitter client, such as TweetDeck or HootSuite .

- Leverage your e-mail newsletters (Editor's note: RSS feeds work better).

- Finally, if you do not have much time to be on social media, look for relevant Tweetchats (Editor's note: Twitter chats can be a huge time sink too, so be careful).

6 Inexpensive Ways to Stay in Shape - from Cleveland Clinic

It is great to see my former employer, the Cleveland Clinic, blogging useful tips to stay healthy :

- Walking
- Skipping rope
- Exercise balls
- Dumbbells
- Callisthenics
- Exercise DVDs

Is the Electronic Medical Record Full of Lies?

Cardiologist Dr. Wes comments on a a provocative piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Physician Social Media Guide

Mike Sevilla, MD comments on the newly released Physician Social Media Guide by the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) You can see the guide embedded below:

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