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The “Best of Medical Blogs - weekly review and blog carnival” is a weekly summary of the best posts from medical blogs. Feel free to send your suggestions to my email at Best of Medical Blogs (BMB) is published every Tuesday, just like the old Grand Rounds.

What is #FOAM? Free Open Access Meducation

EM and critical care physicians adopt social media at rapid pace

Here is the remarkable growth just in the last 18 months: 77% Twitter, 42% Facebook and 20% for Google Plus. An increasing number of blogs (21%) now have multiple authors. There is better identification of authors with 94% of blogs and podcasts citing the full name, credentials, contact form and geographical location of blog authors.

Here is my comment: Remarkable summary, Mike. I’ve seen something similar (on a smaller scale) with the allergy and immunology accounts. In 2008, I was the only one tweeting from a major national scientific meeting (ACAAI) and it was a lonely experience. In 2011, there were 30 allergists reporting from a similar meeting, providing a rich and engaging feed of high-value updates in real time.

My guess is that the outstanding example provided by Life in The Fast Lane and a few others physician bloggers and podcasters encourage others to join in by showing them how to use use social media in practice and at the same time demonstrating the remarkable value both physicians and patients receive from using the two way street provided by these new communication channels.

Thank for you showing the way and maintaining the focus day after the day. I know it’s not easy for your guys to find the time but having Life in The Fast Lane and the other bloggers/podcasters is inspiring to many others. Keep up the great work.

"We are very fortunate to be physicians. Making our parents so happy is a wonderful unintended consequence." - Dr. Bob Centor

Life as a Healthcare CIO: Joyful Chaos. The Chief Information Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: “By pure happenstance, my Telecom manager is selling her herd of 8 alpaca. After meeting them, we purchased the entire herd - 3 males and 5 females. Realizing that alpacas need guardians because they do not defend themselves well against the coyotes, fisher cats, and other predators on our property, we researched llamas. We found an ideal guard llama who has lived with alpaca for many years. The female llama will guard the female alpaca.”

The new TRIP medical search engine - Find Evidence Fast

American Heft: What's Colorado's secret? The GlassHospital blog investigates:

Phil Baumann comments on the "The Coming Catastrophe of Medical and Nursing Education: Today’s physicians don’t feel like they’re doing what they signed up to do. Today’s nurses don’t feel like they’re doing what they signed up to do. Each are fighting unnecessary wars."

Obsessed with a Mark Knopfler song - db's Medical Rants

Elsevier introduces a probable replacement for MDConsult - ClinicalKey website contains massive amount of books, journals, images, videos (paid access) - - Related: ClinicalKey Brief Review - Krafty Librarian

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