Munchausen's syndrome - NHS video

From the NHS Choices YouTube channel: A psychiatrist explains the motivation behind Munchausen's syndrome, also known as factitious illness, where someone pretends to be ill or causes symptoms in themselves. This can include inflicting wounds or tampering with blood and urine samples. He also explains the importance of getting treatment and describes another form of the condition where a person fabricates an illness in someone in their care (Munchausen's syndrome by proxy):

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Julie Meadows-Keefe @esq140: Fascinatingly & disturbingly real.

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  1. Munchausen's syndrome is an interesting topic. Thanks for the informative post. I had a classmate before who used to skip class telling our instructor that she's sick but honestly she wasn't. It didn't happen once but most of the time. Is this considered Munchausen's syndrome or just malingering?