The link between stress and heart disease

In this video from the Cleveland Clinic, Steven Nissen, MD, talks about the important lesson war has taught us about stress and its effect on the heart. One of the best ways to manage stress is regular exercise.

Tips for managing stress (watch the 2-minute BBC video embedded below)

- Take a few deep breaths
- Get plenty of exercise
- Socialize - don't stress alone, talk to someone and have a laugh
- Get out - go to the park

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Participation in sport is associated with a with a 20—40% reduction in all-cause mortality compared with non-participation. Exercise might also be considered as a fifth vital sign, according to the Lancet:

 If nothing else helps, consider this: Chewing gum may reduce stress and improve memory


  1. Living healthy means getting yourself active and eating right. There is a link between stress and the heart and indeed great stress means great pressure on the heart. Lots of breakthrough has been done on internal medicine and there are still a lot more to learn on them. Until we get the cure for all the diseases (if at all), taking preventive measures such as staying away from greasy and fatty foods and imbibing too much sugar. Exercise. Burn as much as you eat. Great sleeping habits is also healthy.

  2. I agree that talking to family and friends is really helpful in managing stress. It is one way of expressing your thoughts or feelings. Taking a good vacation is also a great idea to avoid work-related stress.

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