Academic medical centers face shrinking profits - what to do?

Here are some suggestions from the official AMA newsletter for 5 recommendations to help academic medical centers evolve, with my comments:

1. Build a brand name by holding faculty accountable for cost and quality. Mayo Clinic has mastered that and they offer a "subscription service" allowing local hospitals to gain quick access to Mayo experts - and to advertise that in the local press.

2. Become part of a larger community network. This is part of the "spokes of a wheel" concept to generate referrals to the tertiary center from the peripheral clinics and hospitals.

3. Increase effectiveness by maximizing use of extenders such as telemedicine and simulation technology. Mayo Clinic has a TeleStroke unit. Cleveland Clinic offers an "all-electronic" second opinion for a base price of $600.

4. Become an information hub., the online patient information portal of the Mayo organization, is a good example of that concept.

5. Align research efforts with clinical and business strategies.

Bart Demaerschalk, M.D., neurologist and medical director of Mayo Clinic Telestroke, shows us how the smartphone technology works:


Academic medical centers may face shrinking profits. Amednews staff. Posted April 4, 2012.
Image source:, public domain.

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