Long Live Rock 'n' Roll? Study Shows Risk to Stars (video)

A new study from the United Kingdom (BMJ) reveals just how risky rock-and-roll can be - WSJ:

The WSJ summarized the findings of the study published in BMJ:

The research examined 1,489 stars of pop, rock, hip-hop and punk, of whom 137, or 9.2%, died during the five-decade period covered by the study. Nearly 39% of those deaths were caused by factors related to violence or alcohol and drug intake.

North American pop stars were 87.6% as likely to be alive as normal people of the same age and ethnicity—the lowest survival rate of any group identified in the study.

In North America, 23% of solo performers died, versus 10% of band-only stars, the study found. The comparable figures for Europe were 10% versus 5%.

The study doesn't address a widely held belief that drummers are more prone to early death than other musicians.


Long Live Rock 'n' Roll? Study Shows Risk to Stars - WSJ.com http://on.wsj.com/V8O79a

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