Best of Medical Blogs - weekly review and blog carnival

The “Best of Medical Blogs - weekly review and blog carnival” is a weekly summary of the best posts from medical blogs. Please email your suggestions for inclusion to Best of Medical Blogs (BMB) is published every Tuesday, just like the old Grand Rounds.

The #FOAMed revolution (Free Open Access Medical education)

From Mike Cadogan: "The net effect of #FOAM has taken me quite by surprise. Despite a complete lack of evidence, peer review, mission statements OR Big Pharma backing – the FOAMed revolution continues to infiltrate the psyche of the everyday healthcare professional. The ability to intelligently review, discuss and develop hypotheses, guidelines and issues; the sense of community; the sense of rebellious augmented learning and the joy of independence is rife…and contagious.

There are now an amazing 180 emergency medicine and critical care blogs. Bloggers write from 21 different countries. GMEP – ‘the Facebook of Medicine’ has just welcomed it’s 800th new member, 2 weeks after launch."

To become a great diagnostician – unleash your inner Columbo

"Lt. Columbo: You have to forgive me, it's not me, it's my mind, it's very slow, and I have to pin everything down" -- "Obsess over the details. Make the correct diagnosis as correct diagnoses make treatment success more likely."

Life as a Healthcare CIO: Naming the animals is one of the great pleasures of life on the farm. Every day when I'm moving hay, filling water, and shoveling manure, I can address everyone by name, wishing them good morning or offering words of encouragement.

Burnout is rampant among doctors: high rates of divorce, substance abuse, highest suicide rate of any profession. What to do?

Why depression has made me a better doctor - by Dr. Ronan Kavanagh

What does renal denervation mean for the future? The nephrologist Joel Topf from the blog Precious Bodily Fluids summarizes the findings:

10 Tips For Med Students Going Into Emergency Medicine - Adventures in Emergency Medicine

Dr. Wes: My Grand, Sweeping Cardiovascular Predictions for 2013

Mindfulness Meditation: Helping Doctors in Training Find Calm

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