Top Foods for Longevity (video)

This video from will go over some of "the top foods to eat or longevity."

There are some other useful videos from YouTube channel neatly arranged in playlists:

Here is a related playlist: Super Foods

Interesting Correlation: Fast Food Founders and Longevity

By the way, Jay Parkinson noted an interesting correlation between Fast Food Founders and Longevity:

- Ray Kroc (McDonald’s) died at age 82
- Jimmy Dean died at age 81
- Taco Bell founder Glen Bell died at 86
- Sonic founder Troy Smith died at 87
- Hardee’s founder Wilber Hardee died at 89
- Baskin-Robbins founder Irvine Robbins died at 90
- Carl’s Jr. founder Carl Karcher died at 90
- Frozen french fry mogul J.R. Simplot died at 99
- Murray Handwerker, credited with making Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs into a well-known national chain, died at 89

Standard American Diet (Yes, it’s SAD)

The average American consumes 45 gallons of soft drinks annually. This does not include noncarbonated sweetened beverages, which add up 17 gallons a person per year. Chips and Coke are a common breakfast.

Cheap fast food is "enticing people to eat more because they think they're saving money when they're really buying heart disease", says Jillian Michaels.

We can do better

One step is to grow your own vegetables, even on a small scale. Chicago is already doing that. See for yourself: How Google Earth Revealed Chicago's Hidden Farms - NPR

There are some helpful Tools for Your Food Revolution - Wolfram|Alpha Lets You Compare Nutritional Value of Foods.

See the passion of an urban gardener here, at 3:33 min:

The whole video is here:

The Grow video series by Whole Foods has at least 7 episodes - you can search for them on YouTube:


"Food is risky. You can choke on a hot dog, be poisoned by a pizza or die slowly from years of eating too much" - The Economist, 2014

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