What is the current best RSS reader?

After it was announced that Google Reader will be shut down in July, some of my Twitter buddies asked me what I plan to use in the future as a RSS reader.

I have already switched to RSS Owl.


- faster and more powerful than Google Reader
- portable program that does not require installation (choose the version labeled "rssowl-2.1.6.windows.zip"). You can take it on a USB drive if you wish.
- keyboard shortcuts - you can either customize the existing shortcuts or create new ones
- social media sharing integration (Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
- Easy export and import of your RSS subscriptions as an OPML file
- open source (just like WordPress, Firefox, WebKit, etc.)
- free


- it is a downloadable program, not a website

For an online RSS reader, I would recommend Feedly in "Google Reader view". However, I prefer RSS Owl because it is faster and more customizable.

You can make Feedly look like Reader by going to preferences and changing "Default View" to "Condensed".

Why use RSS reader?

RSS is the most efficient way to collect information from multiple websites in one location. If you need to do that, that's the way to do it.

From Rex Hammock:

"I used to attempt to get my friends to use a newsreader. For whatever reason, most never quite got it. It’s one of the few things I use that I consider a competitive advantage and a tool I couldn’t operate professionally without. I decided to stop wasting time trying to give that secret away."

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Comments from Twitter:

What is the current best RSS reader? http://bit.ly/WzPXST - I prefer the portable RSS Owl over online Feedly (quicker/custom kb shortcuts)


  1. I really like the RSS aggregator FEEDLY. It's how I found you!

  2. Thanks for the list. I personally believe Netvibes as the best RSS reader. Here is why I choose it as the best.