Male hypogonadism - 2014 Lancet review

Clinical presentations vary dependent on:

- time of onset of androgen deficiency
- whether the defect is in testosterone production or spermatogenesis
- associated genetic factors
- history of androgen therapy

Diagnosis of hypogonadism is made on the basis of:

- signs and symptoms consistent with androgen deficiency
- low morning testosterone concentrations in serum on multiple occasions

Several testosterone-replacement therapies are approved.

Contraindications to testosterone-replacement therapy include:

- prostate and breast cancers
- uncontrolled congestive heart failure
- severe lower-urinary-tract symptoms
- erythrocytosis


Male hypogonadism - The Lancet
Image source: The shield and spear of the Roman god Mars, which is also the alchemical symbol for iron, represents the male sex. Wikipedia, public domain.

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