Better Bedside Manners Improve Patient Care, Says Cleveland Clinic Chief Experience Officer

Nurses, aides and doctors need to have an awareness of the impact of bedside manner and patient health, Dr. James Merlino, chief experience officer at the Cleveland Clinic, says. WSJ video:

From the WSJ:

"Cleveland Clinic Chief Executive Delos "Toby" Cosgrove, a heart surgeon by training, says he had an epiphany several years ago at a Harvard Business School seminar, where a young woman raised her hand and told him that despite the clinic's stellar medical reputation, her grandfather had chosen to go elsewhere for surgery because "we heard you don't have empathy."

Things have changed quite a bit now.

"The hospital launched a program known as HEART—for hear the concern, empathize, apologize, respond and thank—that empowers employees to handle patient concerns from the moment they arise. Healing Services team will call a "Code Lavender" for patients or family members under stress who need immediate comfort. Of patients who had pain, 31% reported a significant decrease after a healing service."


A Financial Incentive for Better Bedside Manner - WSJ

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