Punched Out: The Rise and Fall of NHL Enforcer Derek Boogaard (NYTimes video)

Derek Boogaard was one of the N.H.L.'s most feared fighters before overdosing in 2011. The New York Times examined the life and death of the professional hockey player Derek Boogaard, who rose to fame as one of the sport's most feared fighters before dying at age 28 on May 13. The 36-minute video is from 2014:

A native of Saskatchewan, he was known primarily as a fighter and enforcer throughout his career, from junior hockey to the pros. His fighting prowess made him a favorite with fans. In 2007 he was voted as the second most intimidating player in the NHL, behind Georges Laraque, who attributed his retirement in part to a desire to avoid the serious injury Boogaard could inflict, such as the cheekbone fracture Todd Fedoruk suffered that had to be repaired with metal plates.

He died at 28 from an accidental drug and alcohol overdose while recovering from a concussion. A posthumous examination of his brain found he had suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy more advanced than that seen in some former enforcers who had died in middle age. That disclosure came shortly after the deaths of two other hockey enforcers, both of whom were also under 40 and had similar health issues. The three deaths triggered a debate in the hockey community about the issues faced by enforcers and their place in the game. His parents have filed lawsuits against the NHL and its players' union over his death.

Read the NYTimes story here: http://nyti.ms/1iZZ9VQ


Punched Out: The Rise and Fall of Derek Boogaard [Full Version] | The New York Times - YouTube http://buff.ly/1jIEvPi

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