One of the world's most deadly viruses, Ebola, is out of conrol

Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. It is one of numerous Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. Ebola is a severe, often fatal disease in humans. EVD outbreaks have a case fatality rate of up to 90%. No licensed specific treatment or vaccine is available.

An Ebola outbreak has killed dozens of people in Guinea, demonstrating the range of one of the world's most deadly viruses. Doctors Without Borders Ebola expert Dr. Armand Sprecher discusses this is in the WSJ video below:

Ebola discoverer: 'This is unprecedented'. CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with Dr. Peter Piot about an "out of control" Ebola epidemic in West Africa:


Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever | CDC
WHO | Ebola virus disease

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