Personality predictors of Facebook use: Conscientiousness leads to sparing use vs. Neuroticism to high frequency

This study investigates the role of personality factors as predictors of Facebook usage. Data concerning Facebook usage and personality factors from 654 Facebook users were gathered using a web survey.

Here are the results:

- Openness was a predictor of Facebook early adoption
- Conscientiousness with sparing use
- Extraversion with long sessions and abundant friendships
- Neuroticism with high frequency of sessions
- Agreeableness was possibly associated with low session frequency and friendships

Related CNN video: Does Facebook toy with your emotions? Psychologists discuss the controversial Facebook research that altered the content of users' newsfeeds. People who use it are the product that Facebook sells the advertisers. Advertisers are the customers. Facebook users are not the customers, they are the product.


Personality variables as predictors of Facebook usage. Caci B, Cardaci M, Tabacchi ME, Scrima F. Psychol Rep. 2014 Apr;114(2):528-39.

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