Best of Medical Blogs - monthly review

The “Best of Medical Blogs - monthly review” is a monthly summary of the best posts from medical blogs. Please email your suggestions for inclusion to clinicalcases AT gmail DOT com. Best of Medical Blogs (BMB) is meant to continue the tradition of the Grand Rounds carnival (discontinued in 2008).

The Last Reprogramming

No one writes quite like @doctorwes - it's a must read...

5 lessons learned by a successful physician blogger

Family comes first - the online community is virtual - it is not real. The cost of free is immense. Learn to say NO. Multi-tasking is a myth. Value your time – not in monetary terms – but in terms of self-preservation. Learn who to trust. Accept assistance - You are not a one man show

Crowdsourcing medical advice - good or bad idea?

Skeptical Scalpel: Crowdsourcing medical advice is another example of a classically good business model which involves having other people do the work.

Dr. Wes proposes a "Real Medicine Seal of Approval" for real doctors

The seal would mean an MD (or DO) spends over half his time, and earns the most of his income, actually directly caring for patients. It also means that the doctor who uses this designator attached to his MD designation actually works outside the normal 8am - 5pm business day and takes call for clinical patient care (available 24-hours/day) on a regular basis annually.

A rheumatologist cured his mid-life crisis with Twitter - see how:

Social Media Workshop for Emergency Medicine Physicians - Great basic info for a quick start

The prevailing winds of hospital medicine, a dispatch from SHM 2014 - Notes from Dr. RW

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