"Don't go so fast: we're in a hurry!"

"Don't go so fast: we're in a hurry!" -- Talleyrand to his coachman. Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord (1754–1838) was a French bishop, politician and diplomat. Due to a lame leg, he was not able to pursue the military career that had originally been foreseen for him by his family. Instead he studied theology. Unique in his own age and a phenomenon in any, Charles-Maurice, Prince de Talleyrand, was a statesman of outstanding ability and extraordinary contradictions. He was a world-class rogue who held high office in five successive regimes.


From OHCM: "We aim to encourage the doctor to enjoy his patients: in doing so we believe he will prosper in the practice of medicine."

Aim to:

- reassure
- treat
- refer
- palliate

These are excerpts from the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine:


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