"All Americans are just one bad tweet away from being fired"

From MarketWatch:

"If you use Twitter, you too are a public figure. And one egregious tweet could blow up your life.

The political climate puts all employers on high alert when it comes to the words and behavior of their employees.

Many people are plugged into the news cycle all day long. One in five employers think staff is productive fewer than five hours a day, with most citing smartphone use as the culprit.

The First Amendment protects free speech, but it may not protect your job if you do or say anything that is contrary to the company’s values, even if it’s a joke.

Anyone with a public Twitter account is a de facto public figure.

“We have to be mindful of every word we speak and everything we write.” Even posting photographs or retweeting someone else’s tweet can be enough to get fired.

In fairness to American workers, it’s a double-edged sword: They’re often times encouraged to tweet and maintain an active social media presence."


Like Roseanne, all Americans are just one bad tweet away from being fired https://buff.ly/2xB5bAm

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