Canned tuna is struggling to connect with younger generation

From the WSJ:

"Canned tuna is struggling to connect with younger generations who favor fresher, less-processed options."

In a country focused on convenience, canned tuna isn’t cutting it with consumers. “A lot of millennials don’t even own can openers,” said vice president for StarKist.

Younger consumers are opting for fresh or frozen fish over canned items.

Tuna first made inroads into American cupboards following a sardine shortage in 1903 and grew in popularity during wartime protein shortages that followed and as new canning technologies took hold. Since the late 1980s, its reputation has changed as consumers worried about potential mercury poisoning, the harm done to dolphins and its likeness to cat food.

Companies see promise in pouches vs. cans.

New cups of flavored tuna are designed to fit in car cupholders and are equipped with a plastic fork.


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