Dopamine elevation after a cold bath

Dopamine elevation after cold bath is due to stimulation of pain receptors in the skin, at 2 minutes in the video below: Norepi, Epi and dopamine were all increased with cold water exposure. Dopamine increased 250% over baseline and that increase was sustained after the exposure for up to 3 hours. The sweet spot is alert but calm. That was achieved via the cold exposure. Calm/alert state. Cold exposure can be equivalent to coffee without the jitters. Mnemonics: D Dopamine Drives Determination and motivation C Cold water exposure Calm/alert state At 42 minutes. Chocolate increases dopamine 150% for a few minutes. Sex increases dopamine 200%. Nicotine increases dopamine 250% for a few minutes. Same increase with cocaine. Amphetamine increases dopamine 10 times. Exercise, if you like it, increases dopamine 200%. If you don't like the exercise, dopamine does not go up. Postpartum depression can appear after every big win, not just labor. That lower mood can last a long time. It is due to lower baseline dopamine levels. At 55 minutes. Cold bath can counteract this because it may increase baseline dopamine level for at least a portion of the day. We all have dopamine set point. More on cold water exposure at 1 hr 30 minutes. Safety parameters: 30 to 40F degree water can put someone in the state of cold shock and they can die. Cold water exposure always causes release of epinephrine, even after you are cold-water adapted. Increase in epi and nor-epi is immediate. Dopamine levels increases slowly to the point of 250% over baseline. It takes 3 hours for dopamine to go back to baseline. How to deal with the cold in a peaceful manner: Relax in the cold, breathe slowly, widen your gaze - switch from portrait to landscape mode. At 1 hr 35 minutes. Velvet beans contain L-DOPA at 1 hr 58 minutes. Dopamine and prolactin work in push-pull fashion. Increase in dopamine is linked with lower prolactin.

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