Parade the Circle at the University Circle in Cleveland

Parade the Circle is an yearly event in June. It is organized by the Cleveland community and is truly a feast for the eyes.

The parade is at the University circle - a magnificent place between the Botanical garden and the museums of art and natural history. Actually, the base camp for the parade is at the parking lot of the Cleveland Museum of Art. All participants assemble their costumes there and this is the starting point for the parade.

Every year the themes and costumes are different, so the parade is never the same. The event is about an hour and a half long, with hundreds of participants. In order to know which part of the parade you are looking at, the organizers subdivide the procession by color arches made with balloons. This is the sunshine lady and there was plenty of it during the parade, so please make sure that you wear a had and a SPF of at least 50.

This is the sea theme with fish, sea horses, jelly fish and so on.

I do not know what these creatures are but they certainly look scary.

Look, this huge fish can actually turn his head backwards! That was the blue arch procession. Let's see what the yellow arch will bring...

The parade music varies from marches to jazz, to reggae, to Beatles, you name it...

Yellow arch with boats and elephants

And what is this thing? I am not sure...Walking trees?

This is the Chinese procession

Dinosaurs are back! And some huge fish...

Camel-riding bedouins and there is a camel carrying a whole city in her back.

I am not sure what this creature is but it surely looks quite peaceful.

More participants

Magnificent creatures can be seen after the parade - like this rhinoceros with wings and the tired dinosaur taking a nap leaning on this lamp post.

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