Doctors from the Top Medical University are Blogging on Yahoo

Johns Hopkins Hospital is the number one hospital in quality according to the U.S. News & World Report annual Honor Roll.

Six of its leading specialists are blogging on Yahoo in the Health Expert Blogs section. The content is owned by Johns Hopkins University and provided to Yahoo.

The blogs are focused on DM, asthma and allergies, depression and anxiety, cholesterol and heart disease, breast cancer, nutrition and weight loss, and sexual health.

Apart from informing the public, this is a clever way of marketing the top hospital in the U.S. to an even larger audience. Let's see when the rest of the top 5 will start their blogs - Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA Medical Center. How about podcasting?

The field of blogging doctors has been growing fast recently, just check, which aggregates most of the medical blogs (98) in one place. Some of them, like Kevin, M.D. have started "commercial" blogs in addition to the regular one. The weekly best of the medical blogosphere is featured in the Grand Rounds which are hosted by a different blog every week.

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Medical Blogs: A Podcast Interview with Kevin Pho, M.D. of -

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