Portable Firefox on a USB Drive

If you cannot install software on the PC at work or any other place but you want a secure internet browsing, the Portable Firefox is for you. Put your USB drive in, and click on the Portable FF icon. That's it!

The Portable FF is part of the Mozdev project. Download the zip file and unzip it in a directory on the USB drive. After that, as mentioned before, you just click on the Portable FF icon on the USB drive, and the full FF launches. When you are done, just take the drive out. As always, this version of FF is free.

Update 12/05:
John Haller who made Portable Firefox has just launched PortableApps.com which promises to make all your favorite desktop programs portable. Well, not all of them - just the good ones.

Update 3/06:
Opera, the fastest and most secure browser on earth is also available as a portable app. Check out the list of portable applications from Wikipedia.

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Updated: 01/02/2010

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