Google Video Getting Better. Shows "How Stuff Works"

The New Stuff

Google recently added many more videos to its database. One example is How Stuff which demystifies the questions of everyday life. Google Video is free, you can upload your own videos and even charge for them if you want to.

A T-Shirt Billionaire

You can also see Sergey Brin, one of Google founders, speaking with UC Berkeley Class how he never thought that Wikipedia would have succeeded.

Check out the complete list of new video projects on Google Blog.

Every Team Has a Blog

Geeks used to complain that Google was so secretive that would not say anything substantial on their blog but just use it for PR purposes. Well, it seem like the new policy is every Google team to have a blog and the video team is no exception.

Rumor of the day:
Google Base, which is supposed to be a giant host for files, is expected to be launched soon.

Google Video in OR. Watch Full-length Movies of Different Surgeries uploaded videos of different operations and they are currently available for viewing free of charge.


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