Cleveland Clinic Has a New Logo (and a Shorter Name)

The old logo of the Cleveland Clinic was developed in 1984 and was a gold square sitting atop of four green squares. Each square represents one of the Clinic four founders. The four squares also represent each of the major areas of the Foundation: Inpatient care, Outpatient care, Research, and Education.

The new logo is a white square sitting atop of four blue and green squares.

In addition, the hospital will change its name from "Cleveland Clinic Foundation" to the shorter "Cleveland Clinic".

Recently, and Dr. RW pointed out that the Clinic has a longstanding commitment to offering high quality free medical education on its CME website, including an online textbook called The Cleveland Clinic Disease Management Project.

The Cleveland Clinic is about to perform some surgery on its logo -


  1. The new logo serves as a wonderful reminder that the Cleveland Clinic is located near Lake Erie (blue) and is surrounded by the Emerald Necklace (green).

  2. that is a very stupid idea...if it is an idea at all. clinic has a long standing tradition of excellent care. the new logo looks childish with colors of rainbow and betrays our past. worse, there is another logo one with a globe and equators cutting through it...wonder if any one in management knows what logo is and what purpose it should serve! wake up ppl!