Don't work (or browse) so hard. Beware of Internet addiction

The American Psychological Association still has doubts if the Internet addiction exists but it looks pretty much for real in this Google video:

"Don't work so hard." Link to original video, choose "Put on site" to to embed this video onto a your web page.

According to The New York Times, Internet addiction affects 10 percent of the web users in the U.S. The so-called "Onlineaholics" spend endless hours surfing the web to the point that their Internet activity disturbs their daily life.

A growing number of therapists are treating web addicts with the 12-step programs, used to treat chemical addictions.

The condition is not officially recognized as a psychiatric disorder and insurance companies do not pay for treatment.

The University of Massachusetts, Lowell has more information on the Internet addiction disorder:

- Take an Internet Addiction Survey Online

- Symptoms of Internet overuse and addiction

Check out the Center for Online and Internet Addiction for more information.

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